An independently owned and run guitar shop in the heart of London.

For the last thirteen years we have strived to be London’s most comprehensive, knowledgeable and premier Fender and Gretsch dealer. We are presently the longest running Fender and Gretsch dealership in London and are very proud to be a part of the rich musical tradition of Denmark Street. The shop is located in the old Regent Sound Studio see our history here: We care a lot about our history and the wonderful variety of music that has been written, performed and recorded here over the years. Since our ownership change in 2010 we have strived to provide the best service we can. Between us we have many years of experience and do our best to offer informed, accurate and honest information in a friendly manner.

Our mission has always been to help and advise fellow musicians find the right instruments and provide them with the best selection of products we can find. We seek out what we consider to be the best products both new and old from around the world. For people of all abilities and ages from all walks of life.


We specialise in all things Fender and Gretsch related but also have a large selection of boutique pedals and accessories, as well as a good selection of second hand and vintage guitars. We are also proud stockists of many other great brands of guitars, amps, accessories, parts and spares including:

Vox, Music Man, Blackstar, Danelectro, Alvarez, Art and Lutherie, La Patrie, Fulltone, Diamond, Wampler, Empress, Fairfield Circuitry, JAM, Chase Bliss, Red Panda, Fredric effects, Hudson Electronics, Logjam, Bare Knuckle, LR Baggs, Bigsby, Mastery, Original Fuzz, Souldier Voss.



Our in house workshop incorporates Both 'Stairway to Kevin' guitar repair and 'JPF Amplification' amp repair, both offering the highest possible standard in repairs and servicing.

For every guitar that we sell, we offer two years’ worth of free servicing as well as tips and advice on looking after your purchase. Please see our Services page for more info.

If you have any questions about any of the products or services we provide please don't hesitate to contact us.

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