New Wampler Paisley Drive Deluxe Guitar Overdrive Pedal

New Wampler Paisley Drive Deluxe Guitar Overdrive Pedal
Recently Wampler released a new addition to their ever growing range of overdrive pedals, the Paisley Drive Deluxe. Or, as Brad Paisley likes to call it, the PaisleyDog. A combination of the Country artist's favourite drives crammed into a single pedal, the Paisley Drive Deluxe offers an array of versatile tones.

The first of the channels is based on the discontinued Wampler Underdog, a pedal that produced similar tones to that of the original Nobels ODR overdrive but with more controlability.

The second channel of the dual-drive pedal is based on Brad Paisley's already existing Paisley Drive, a pedal in the TS-808 vein yet with improved clarity and more dynamic control. This side is great for a boost of signal or for a drive similar to that of cranking an amplifier. 

Not do you only get two incredible drives in one single pedal, but with the genius signal routing, borrowed from the already popular Dual Fusion, you have the opportunity to chose the stacking of drives or to run either channel as an individual pedal. This is a fantastic feature for anyone that uses a pedal-switcher of any kind.

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Regardless of whether you're a fan of the country artist, Brad Paisley or country music in general, if you're looking for a rich-sounding drive with absurd controlability then look no further!

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