Fulltone V2 OCD released!

Fulltone V2 OCD released!

Fulltone recently announced that the infamous Fulltone OCD would be updated. Used by the likes of Joey Santiago of The Pixies, Robin Trower, Don Felder, and Peter Frampton the Fulltone OCD is regarded as one of the most popular boutique drive on the market. 


So what's different?

Firstly there is now a newly featured output buffer in which when the pedal is turned on in the True-Bypass mode or always when in Enhanced Bypass Mode. In doing so it eliminates other effects that come after influencing the tonal characteristics. What's more the buffer allows more sustain by reducing the overall loading on the hard-clipping stage.

Internally there has been a new internal switch added to chose between "Enhanced Bypass" and True-Bypass. "Enhanced Bypass" is a feature that has been designed by Fulltone with influences of the sound created by the old Echoplex EP-3.

The input impedance of the effect has also been updated by using a Class A configured discrete 2N5457 JFET. In short, this increases the dynamic range of the OCD making single coils and humbuckers more interactive than the previous model.

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